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Feature Film – Directed & Edited by Shari Berman

Leslie (Alice Ripley), a housewife and 50-plus piano teacher, decides to follow her life-long dream of being a rock ‘n roll singer much to the chagrin of her husband (Robert Clohessy), who is running ofr political officer and her daughter (Leah Barker), who is about to embark for college.

The film features music by Joan Jett and stars Alice Ripley, Robert Clohessy, Kathryn Danielle, June Millington (of the original all-girl band Fanny), and acclaimed drummer Sheila Earley.

This film has one over a dozen awards on the festival circuit including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

You can view the trailer here.

You can watch SUGAR! on Amazon PrimeYouTube, iTunesHoopla and GooglePlay.

Feature Film – Produced, Written, Directed & Edited by Shari Berman

In this award-winning, dark, surreal comedy, Cindy Rossberg (Caroline Luft) has apparently killed her fiancé (Trevor Nelson) on her wedding day. her psychiatrist encourages her to move forward with her life. However, as she attempts to do so, she finds reality too difficult to contend with as she is bound to the vnts of the past. As she tries to sort things out for herself, Cindy spirals into a wacky world of bizarre situations that become increasingly influenced by a murder mystery she is writing. In the end, Cindy discovers that she must act as her own emancipator in order to free herself from the role she thinks she is expected to play.

This film received rave reviews from the NY Times, Variety, and Film Journal International, among others.

Watch the original trailer here. Watch the release trailer here.





Feature Film (in pre-production) – Written by Shari Berman
Will be Directed & Edited by Shari Berman

PINK MIST is about a 12-year old amputee, her eccentric grandmother, and the Holocaust ghost that lives in the attic.

This film will go into production in the spring of 2019.

Lynn Cohen and Robert Clohessy plan to work on the project and Michael Cuomo will be producing the film.

You can read more about PINK MIST and the team making it happen here.

Long Form Short Film – Conceived by Shari Berman

Directed by Shari Berman

A playwright watches in horror as a theatrical troupe attempts to mount her play in New York City. As the rehearsals progress, the cast members reveal their needs ot create personas not just on the stage, but in real life as well.

Directors Statement: For this short film, I gave each of the actors in the film a piece of paper with their characters bio and what they thought of the other characters in the film,. The actors were instructed to keep this information to themselves. Then, in this psychological experiment, the actors were thrown into structured scenarios that made up a rehearsal process and with only their bios to arm themselves against each other. In this way, the actors replicate real life in this mockumentary about the theatre.

Watch the trailer here.

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Short Film – Produced, Directed, Shot, Edited, and Conceived
by Shari Berman

This experimental film (shot on Super 8) . explores the way in which women are put in to categories in life, but in actually do not fit any one mold.

This film is currently on the festival circuit and has played the St. Louis International Film Festival, Milwaukee International Shorts Festival, and The Sidewalk Film Festival, among others.

You can watch the trailer here. You can watch the film here.

Feature Film (in development) – Written by Shari Berman

Will be Directed & Edited by Shari Berman

Numbers is the first film of a trilogy – NUMBERS, NAMES, HUMANS.

Trilogy Logline: In a society where  humanity has all but been forgotten and days are reduced to robotic repetition, a rogue group strives  to take down a system  regulated by color, but nothing is black and white.  A young woman,  P9-222, is the key, but can she remember her past before it is too late?

NUMBERS  Logline: In a society where people have numbers instead of names, a young woman must gain the courage to go against the safety of her computerized  world in order  to rescue  her long-lost brother or risk losing her own humanity.

Watch the sizzle reel here.

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Short 3-D Film – Written, Directed & Edited by Shari Berman

THE TRIAL OF JACK is from an imagined era of film history. It combines the tyle of the Expressionists of the late 1920s with the technology of the late 1950s to create “3-D Expressionism”.

This motion picture is a “just-so” story about a Jack-in-the-box in which a doll named Jack believes his stardom puts him above the law. However, the other toys in the playroom have different ideas.

This award winning film played at over 30 festivals worldwide including: The Rhode Island International Film Festival, The St. Louis International Film Festival, The Sarasota International Film Festival, The New Cinema and Technology Film Festival, The Northampton Film Festival and the Reel Women Film Festival.

Have anaglyph 3-D glasses? Watch the film here.

Feature Film (in development) – Written by Shari Berman
Will be Directed & Edited by Shari Berman

What if you were the most beautiful and popular girl in school and hated it? Where would you turn for help?

In this family drama, a thirteen-year-old aspiring cheerleader and a thirteen-year-old classical singer spend the summer before high school learning that fitting in is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Amy, the thirteen-year-old daughter of a former cheerleading captain who has just moved to her mother’s home town, discovers that she hates cheerleading and pretending to be friends with all the popular girls. Meanwhile, outcast and classical singer Agatha Adams struggles facing the fact that her neighbors and even her older brother enjoy watching the cheerleaders dance in skimpy outfits more than listening to her sing great musical works.

Amy is overwhelmed at the prospect of making herself popular and feels guilty about the pressures her recently divorce mother feels being a single parent. After a failed suicide attempt by Amy, Agatha’s close friend and class intellect, Wendy, befriends her. This greatly upsets Agatha who hates all cheerleaders.

In the end, Agatha, Amy and Wendy form a unique alliance. And, this unexpected threesome (the most beautiful girl in school, the biggest outcast in the town and the most intellectual student) learns it’s okay to do what you love even if it is not popular with the mainstream crowd.