What critics say about Shari’s work:

“Quirky, disarming movie about a woman looking for answers to her troubled life has much to recommend…Shari Berman, who produced, directed, wrote and edited MY LIFE AS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, shows considerable talent for taking a simple concept and investing it with a wealth of knowledge and personal feeling…Berman “answers” Woody Allen’s male-centered angst-in-the-big-city stories with a feminine twist.”

– Eric Monder, Film Journal International (Click here for full review)

“Ms. Berman keeps us guessing. the accessible and appealing Ms. Luft is a strong anchor. And Ms. Berman can be funny (especially with the black-and-white Ingmar Bergman send-up). It’s intriguing to imagine what she could do with a more linear script.”

– Andy Webster, The New York Times (Click here for full review)

“…unfolds in a dream state, a slippery, surreal stream-of-consciousness where past and present coexist…this curio marks a promising…directorial bow.”

– Ronnie Scheib, Variety (Click here for full review)

“Confident and briskly paced…by fracturing reality so completely in her film, Berman presents Cindy’s stream of consciousness as a dizzying array of unrealized possibilities and reveals the resulting loneliness. In one scene, she brilliantly skewers the act of going to an institution for help with finding relationships and transitions effortlessly from a film noir scene to a modern medical conversation to a Jewish dating organization without braking the conversation or switching out the actors or actresses. As a result, Berman’s film is never boring and never static…the film has a confidence in its own structure that allows it to move fluidly backwards and forwards…show me more of director Shari Berman’s unique narrative techniques and bold filmmaking.”

– James T. Sheridan, Cinespect